Rules And Regulations

The pupil teachers must maintain an ethos of commitment towards the professional programme they have chosen to become trained teachers.

Conduct Rules

  • Each student is supposed to be in college uniform while entering the college on all working days.
  • Carrying identity card in the college campus during classes, teaching practice in schools and during off-campus activities, is compulsory.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the classrooms during study hours without Principal’s approval.
  • In case, candidate needs to go outside the college campus for some work, permission from the Principal is mandatory.
  • Shortage in attendance will be notified time to time so that pupil teachers may timely complete the same; otherwise no condonation will be entertained at later stages.
  • Fee/fine must be paid on the date notified avoiding any delays.
  • Keeping the college premises neat and clean is mandatory.
  • Use of mobile phones during classroom teaching is completely prohibited. College administration and staff will not be responsible if someone’s mobile phone or money gets stolen/ lost.
  • Consumption of liquor, intake of any kind of drugs and smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Any act of ragging is strictly prohibited and punishable. Any such act may lead to expulsion from college and even cancellation of degree.
  • Polite and courteous behavior with peers and all staff members is mandatory.
  • Any sort of misconduct inside college campus and related places will lead to strict action by the concerned authorities.
  • Although married women are eligible for admission in B.Ed. course but they should not be in family way at the time of admission or during the course. Married women will have produce medical certificate to this effect from the competent medical authority. There is no provision for granting maternity leave during the session.