Rules Related To Leave

  • Leave for the absence from the college shall be applied for and to be obtained in advance.
  • In case of Emergency, students should inform telephonically the college authorities and in that case the leave application may be submitted within two days of their joining the college.
  • Leave on account of sickness must be accompanied by certificate from Govt. Hospital. Frequent medical leave or long medical leave may indicate general poor health condition which may result in declaring a students unfit for training.
  • Leave during house examination will sanctioned by the principal on recommendation of at least two tutors in special case only. In that case, students have to re-appear in the house examination later on.
  • The tutor can grant two days leave out for a longer period leave application must be sanctioned by principal/
  • If the students remains absent for more than 10 consecutive days without leave, the principal reserves the right to strike off the name of students from the college roll. The students can be readmitted within 7 days. One the name is struck off, students will be given another chance to repeat the same mistake.
  • Long leave of any kind including M<medical leave is not allowed during the course.