Evaluation Process

The performance of a candidate in each course will be evaluated in terms of percentage of marks. The evaluation system of the connected has the following two components:

  1. Continuous comprehensive assessment (CCA) accounting for 20% of the total marks assigned to a course.
  2. End semester/ session examination (ESE)accounting for remaining 80% of the total marks assign to a particular course.

Continuous comprehensive assessment will include classroom attendance (80% in lectures/ tutorials/ practical activities) and attendance in school internship programme (90%). Failing to meet this criterion, the candidate will not be allowed to appear in end semester/session examinations.

However, the exemption from minimum 80% attendance will be given to those participating in university, state, national and international level tournaments or NCC/NSS/sports/youth festivals etc. maximum to the extent of 20%. The candidate must obtain minimum 80% attendance inclusive of classroom attendance and weight age of co-curricular activities to avail the exemption. The claim for this exemption should be supported with authentic certificate from the concerned university or college authorities.

Continuous comprehensive assessment will be comprised of 5 marks for attendance and 15 marks for midterm/theory assignments in case course is for 100 marks and 3 marks for classroom attendance and 7 marks for midterm/theory assignments for 50 marks course. The bases of internal assessment may include individual or group assignments, observation records, student portfolio, diaries, journal etc.