ICT Resource Centre

Computers are used actively in education to improve the quality and learning outcomes. Teachers can use audio, video and graphics aids through computer to prepare lesson plans. The use of Microsoft Power Point to prepare and deliver electronic presentations to the audiences is a very good aspect of interactive pedagogy. These electronic presentations will be displayed on multimedia projectors in the class rooms where everyone will be engaged in the modern teaching methodology. This will be interesting and easy to learn by the pupil teachers. Multimedia presentations are easy to deliver by the teachers and for interactive participatory pedagogy. These presentations save a lot of efforts and time and ensure increase productivity in the overall classroom management. Moreover, multimedia presentations are interesting to view and hear and sound, visual effects makes lectures much emphatic. Computers have touched the lives of many students living in the remotest part of our planet. There is no point denying the way that computers absolutely controlled the life of a typical student either graduate or undergraduate.

To serve the purpose, our college has ICT Resource Centre with internet and multimedia facilities. Laboratory is equipped with latest technology for the benefit of the pupil teachers. Pupil teachers can use projector and work independently on PowerPoint Projects, Excel, Spreadsheets, MS-Access, Windows and print etc.